Battery Charger DOLPHIN 12V-90A for AZ39 and 42

kr 13.800,00 OBS! Eks. mva.


Models Range:
AZ39 AZ42 <br>
12V-90A Universal 50/60HZ<br>
Power Rating 1300 W<br>
Maximum current 230VAC 15 A
Whatever your charging needs, the Dolphin Pro range of battery chargers has a model adapted to you – A natural evolution of the Dolphin 2 range; the Dolphin Pro has an internal diode isolator without voltage drop – User friendly design: a solid casing in aluminium; mounting by 4 easily accessible screws; a front cover allowing easy access to the charge selector and the wiring connections (4 solid M8 terminals for the battery outputs); a cable gland for the input cable and a cable grommet with a waterproof seal – Integrated Control Panel: LED display indicating the charging curve; boost, absorbsion, floating as well as anomolies and faults: temperature, voltage, fuses… – Automatic switchover: equiped with 3 isolated outputs, automatic switchover 115V / 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 9 charging programmes (including 2 winterizing and 1 power supply) depending on battery type, makes this charger suitable for all charging needs – Optional extras: Remote chontrol panel, connection by RJ45 and a battery temperature sensor allowing a charging level adjustment


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