Tecma Elegance Short Deep 2G 24Volt

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This supremely effective and comfortable toilet has been created to offer total reliability

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Elegance SHORT DEEP 2G 24Volt  With:Thermosetting with soft closing: white

The Elegance 2G Short is designed to be installed on a raising step, usually 10 cm / 3.9 inches high. For this purpose, the height of the ceramic shell is reduced to 36 cm / 14.2 inches to compensate and match the standard seating height of 46 cm / 18.1 inches. Installing the toilet on a higher waterline will maximize the efficiency of the space and volume around the toilet mounting area.  This way you can even create space for the new pairing bidet, the Bidet Elegance 2G Short.

Two different options are now available for the Short profile toilet Elegance 2G: the smart Shallow Bowl for above floor Installation, and the Deep Bowl for through floor Installation.

Above the floor
A short version to be installed above the floor offers the advantage of reduced labor at the shipyard by preventing a cut out of the floor to accommodate protruding parts, thanks to the flush motor and hoses. Without compromises on performance and quality, all Tecma components have been further optimized to make the most of the available internal space.

Through floor
An installation of a short toilet through the floor requires an additional cut out of the floor to accommodate protruding motor and hoses. This type of toilet has the advantage of increasing comfort and bowl space for the end user.



Note: Dimensions in millimeters / inches


Weight 19,5 kg/ 42,9 lb Weight 11 kg/ 28,7 lb
Water Usage 0,5-2,7 L/ 0,1-0,7 gal per flush
Standard Optional
Color White Bone/black
Seat and cover Polyester coated wood Polyester coated wood with soft closing: white, Polyester coated wood: black, Thermosetting with soft closing: white, Thermosetting: white/ bone
Outlet pump MAC 11 12/24v N/A
Inlet device Solenoid Solenoid
Control panel All-in-one SFT Multiframe SFT / Touch SFT Multifunction
Matching bidet Bidet Elegance 2G Short Integrated bidet funcion
Matching toilet Elegance 2G Short



This supremely effective and comfortable toilet has been created to offer total reliability



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