Opacmare Maxi Dolphin model 3883

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This gangway lifts tenders or acquascooters up to 250 kg

Hydraulic telescopic gangway in aluminium and teak. Though lightweight and economic this gangway can lift between 150 and 250 kg. The first section can be orientated 45° upwards and 40° downwards and the second section is telescopic. Designed in three different lengths, each is supplied with automatic stanchions.

Model X[mm] Y[mm] K[mm] α β lifting capacity [kg] weight [kg]
3883/23 2380 1480 300 45o 40o 250 84
3883/26 2630 1595 300 45o 40o 200 86
3883/29 2945 1745 300 45o 40o 150 90




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